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“They were very kind and very understanding. It was a miracle. They helped at a time when I needed help so desperately.  I didn’t think those kind of people were out there anymore. It is just not like that in the world, but I have told everyone what they’ve done for us.  These people were so amazing.”

                – Christine Gardener, Falmouth, MA


Only through donor support can we make certain that Wings for Falmouth Families will continue to help local families who are experiencing a medical crisis or tragic event. We rely on donations, large and small, to assist families with their mortgage, childcare, utilities or everyday living expenses for a finite period of time that provides some immediate relief to the family in need of help.

Wings for Falmouth Families is a community-based, 501(c)(3) established in 2003 by Lisa and Eric Asendorf. We pledge that your donations will go directly to qualified families who are referred to Wings for Falmouth Families. Qualifications include:

  • Must have children under the age of 18 (or still in high school).
  • Must have recently been diagnosed with a serious illness, injured in an accident or facing a tragedy.
  • Experiencing financial hardship.
  • Must provide a referral from a physician in cases of medical crisis.
  • Must provide a referral from the Falmouth Service Center.
  • Is not receiving financial assistance from a third party (i.e.: workers compensation).

We’d like to thank all of the generous people who have made gifts to Wings for Falmouth Families this year and we look forward to welcoming new donors.

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